“I have so much more to write and share -
But the short is I AM SO INSPIRED BY YOU. This is powerful. Your boldness is incredible. and your work speaks vulnerability and passion and beauty.
So so proud of you and the important voice of this project and your boldness to do something about making sure the voice is heard.”

Colleague (2013)

“I want to thank you for this bold and deeply moving project. As a victim of rape myself, I often feel as if I have to censor my rape story because it makes other people uncomfortable. So thank you for being an individual who listens; one who chooses to step outside the bounds of what is comfortable, and who takes the trouble to try and understand how it feels to be raped. I am profoundly grateful to you for your advocacy for us.”

Participant (2013)

In reference to this article:

“I just read it! Amazing. So proud to be a part of this and proud of you.
Thank you for sharing our voices.”

Participant (2013)

In reference to this article:

“This is incredible, not just the article, but the contents of it -- your project as a piece and comment on our culture.
I think this project is incredibly important in raising awareness about sexual assault and will help provide education and awareness to our community (and any community). Not to mention your photos are F*ckin awesome.
I've probably told you this a million times before but keep going’ girl! You are going places. Dont forget me when you’re famous!”

Friend, Activist (2013)

"She cherishes her connection to her subjects and aims simply to make all 'feel like they’re being seen honestly.' She explains, 'I can celebrate every day the strength […] and beauty of survivors.' And her intent resounds throughout each piece; her sharp focus on the individual highlights steady tears, streaming locks of hair, set wrinkled brows, and unrelentingly magnificent eyes that stare straight ahead."

Ellyn Ruddick-Sunstein (BUST Magazine - 2014)

What stood out to me about Trigger Warning, is it made me feel less alone and more supported by community to see photos of people I would never judge, and to know that they're around me. It made me want to reach out, to help others, and to stop blaming myself. I like that the photos are genuine, and not staged. Real emotion is so much more powerful than dramatized emotion, and I am able to see that in your photos! These people hold so much. I see power, I see friends, I see talent, I see wisdom...everyone has something so valuable to share. These photos somehow communicate that.

Survivor (2014)

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